Hello world!


Welcome to John’s Cleaning and Laundry Service, where we do all cleaning on premises. No excuses. No one to blame. Your buck stops here.

John’s Cleaners is located on Richmond Beach Road, just the eat side of the Rite Aid drug store on the corner of 8th Ave NW and Richmond Beach Road.

We are 2 shops in reality:
John’s Cleaners which handles all kinds of cleaning. Bring it in. if it can be cleaned, we’ll handle it for you. Whether its a lamp shade or wedding dress, your favorite blouse or trousers, let us make you one of our loyal customers.

John’s Cleaning Service, Inc. handles all our contract work and bulk cleaning. We clean for other cleaners, handle laundry for cruise lines and hotels, uniforms for EMT, the police forceĀ and other uniformed professionals. Of course, we offer pick-up and delivery for contract clients.

The bottom line is we’re good. We’re creative. We handle the tough stuff.



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