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  • Philantropy


    My belief is that if a business is successful, it should support the community around it. Maybe that’s why John’s Cleanres can be such a push over … sometimes.

    In the past, we have supported organizations such as:

    Most local schools

    Special Olympics

    Many police charities

    Nights of Columbus

    And there are more. I just can’t think of them right now.

    The point here is that we are generous. We support our community. We believe other businesses should also.

  • Always trying


    It’s amazing how we get busy and don’t spend the time on this blog. However, our lives at John’s Cleaners gets wilder all the time. We’ve been seeing some great growth, thanks in part to dberkeygroup who helps us with this website. But also, it just comes down to taking care of customers.

    Sometimes, it takes personnel changes. Sometimes, it’s working more closely with our bulk cleaning clients. Sometimes, it’s just about taking care of the customer who walks through the door with a pile of shirts or a household item that needs some TLC.

    It’s why we installed the down cleaner to be able to restore down pillows, eliminating the dust mites and other allergens that build up over the years, as well as eliminating the stained ticking, possibly from generations past, placing the clean down in new ticking.

    It’s why we use the best and cleanest agents out there, so our clients can feel comfortable in knowing they’ve been taken care of in as healthy a way as possible.

    So that’s my rant for today.

  • Problem Solving


    When customers come to John’s Cleaners with a unique problem, we love it.

    Basically, there are 2 kinds of dirt: water soluble and oil soluble. Water soluble dirt is normally washed while oils must be broken down during cleaning. However, there are fabrics to consider, with shrinking, staining, heat sensitivity and a host of other considerations. Still, we try to figure out the best solution.

    An example would be some uniform trousers we picked up that were caked in mud, dirt and oil. They had been through it all. Well, the trousers are wool and will shrink. The mud and dirt needs water to break down, but washing will shrink the pants. The oil needs to be broken down as well, but that won’t clean off the mud. What to do? We figured it out by spraying water on the muddy portions to break down the dirt, then letting the pants air dry so the mud becomes dusty. Beat the dust out, then dry clean and press. Voila! Trousers looked like new.

    Did it take longer to clean than we charged on the contract? Yes! But results and a happy customer were more important.

  • Hello world!


    Welcome to John’s Cleaning and Laundry Service, where we do all cleaning on premises. No excuses. No one to blame. Your buck stops here.

    John’s Cleaners is located on Richmond Beach Road, just the eat side of the Rite Aid drug store on the corner of 8th Ave NW and Richmond Beach Road.

    We are 2 shops in reality:
    John’s Cleaners which handles all kinds of cleaning. Bring it in. if it can be cleaned, we’ll handle it for you. Whether its a lamp shade or wedding dress, your favorite blouse or trousers, let us make you one of our loyal customers.

    John’s Cleaning Service, Inc. handles all our contract work and bulk cleaning. We clean for other cleaners, handle laundry for cruise lines and hotels, uniforms for EMT, the police force¬†and other uniformed professionals. Of course, we offer pick-up and delivery for contract clients.

    The bottom line is we’re good. We’re creative. We handle the tough stuff.



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